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The regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures - discussion paper

In January 2015, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision set up a high-level Task Force on Sovereign Exposures to review the regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures and recommend potential policy options. The Task Force's report analysed issues concerning the regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures in the Basel framework. This discussion paper is derived from the Task Force's report. The Committee's view is that the issues raised by the Task Force and the ideas outlined in this paper are important, and could benefit from a broader discussion. However, at this stage the Committee has not reached a consensus to make any changes to the treatment of sovereign exposures, and has therefore decided not to consult on the ideas presented in this paper. The views of interested stakeholders will nevertheless be useful in informing the Committee's longer-term thinking on this issue. All comments are published on the website of the Bank for International Settlements unless a respondent specifically requested confidential treatment.