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Current State and Development of Green Bonds Market in the Latin America and the Caribbean

The green bonds market has had a growth in recent years within its different sectors and regions. Specifically, up to 2020, the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region has issued USD 26 billion. Some authors have studied the factors influencing financing through green bonds. However, a research gap is identified in the analysis of the regions that contribute to the issuance of this type of bond, specifically for LAC. This is the first study to examine the variables such as issue amount, number and type of issuers, currency, and maturity data in the region using a dataset of issuing performed between 2014–2020. We find the typical sizes of the issues, the search for a premium in the issue, the perception of complexity, the issuance of guides, and tax incentives as the main factors affecting this market. Finally, the study presents the potential for further research.