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PDM Network in Figures

Facts and Figures about PDM Subscribers and overall Website Users

This page provides some information about the PDM Network Subscribers worldwide community and, more in general, about the steady presence of web users of all the world visiting the PDM Network initiative website, as well as some figures on the amounts of news, documents, reports and events uploaded.

Most data are processed via Google Analytics©.

Our Subscribers

Subscribers of our weekly and bimonthly newsletters are around 670 at end-2017. In 2017, 90 newcomers subscribed and joined the PDM Network community. Graph below shows their composition by geographical area.

PDM Website Subscribers by World Area as of January 2018
(amounts and % weight)

PDM website subscribers by World area as of January 2018

Overall Website Users

In 2017, PDM website users reached a total figure of 8,695. Here below a graph with their composition by country of origin, highlighting the 15 countries that appear in each of the years 2014-2017 among the 25 main website users.

User Composition by Country of Origin
(% composition)

Users composition by country of origin

This last graph describes the evolution in the years 2014-2017 of new website users, in comparison to old ones. Data highlight an increase of the share of old users, to be evaluated as an increasing users’ retention.

New and Returning Users 2014 – 2018
(% composition)

Users composition by country of origin

News, Documents, Reports and Events Uploaded on the Website

At 24th January 2019, total documents and reports available on the PDM Network website were 7,191. Events and News uploaded on the website since January 2018 were respectively 237 and 4,953.