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New vacancies posted on IFAD website

IFAD’s strength lies in the diversity of its staff and their commitment to IFAD's mandate.
IFAD values professionals with strategic vision, a proven capacity to work in teams and generate results, and a deep understanding of and strong commitment to international development.
In addition to providing a supportive and thriving work environment, IFAD offers professional career development and an attractive remuneration package with competitive pay and benefits. The benefits package includes dependency allowance, education grant up to university level, home leave, medical insurance and social security.
A new call for interest has been posted on IFAD's website for various finance positions.


1. Senior Risk Officer – ALM, P4 

The incumbent provides sound advice on financial risk policy and management practices; he/she leads the Asset and Liability Management team in developing IFAD's ALM framework and implementing medium and long-term financial projection models for IFAD. This position plays a key role in the discussions with credit rating agencies and external auditors, as well as reinforcing the second line of defence and facilitating a mutual understanding of roles and fiduciary accountabilities internally in direct support of integrity in the management of the IFAD’s financial resources.

2. Risk Officer – Credit Risk, P3 

The incumbent provides sound advice on credit risk matters and loan portfolio; he/she leads the development of a sound credit risk framework (including country rating and key risk metrics for IFRS9) and portfolio monitoring tools as per best practices. This position plays a key role in the discussions with credit rating agencies and external auditors. It will ensure an independent approach to credit risk and it will facilitate the management of the IFAD's resources.

3. Deputy Treasurer/Finance Manager VA1693 P-5

The position advises management on best practices of peer IFIs/MDBs and other private sector firms within the financial services industry, with a specific focus on Treasury front-to-back office operations. In addition, this position advises management on corporate initiatives and cross-departmental financial matters, new financial product development, and interactions with external counterparties such as credit rating agencies, investment managers and other professionals operating in the global financial markets arena. Being in Treasury Front Office, it plays a holistic and strategic role in supporting the Fund's financial strategy and advising senior management.

4.Risk Officer (Treasury Risk) VA1692 P-3

The incumbent of the position provides sound advice on treasury matters, contributing to the Fund's balance sheet, conducting treasury related analyses and making recommendations on the asset and liability structure, interest rate, duration, currency, liquidity and other potential mismatch positions. S/He develops medium and long-term financial projection models, creates new risk reports including design, implementation, validation and automation related to capital adequacy and liquidity framework, and runs periodic stress scenarios on IFAD's Loan Portfolio and Treasury Investment Portfolio.


More details are available here