11th Asian bond markets summit

In a world of low inflation, negative interest rates and slowing growth, the search for yield that investors cite has become like a broken music streaming app repeated ad nauseam. Issuers, on the other hand, are continuing to enjoy the benign interest rate regime an opportunity for them to recalibrate their debt profile whether via refinancing activity or conducting liability management. The reality is that rates remain low and likely to remain so in the foreseeable future. This is providing a further fillip to issuing and investing in bonds in the emerging markets especially in Asia where while growth has receded remain above the rest and returns from emerging markets bonds are better than what could be earned in the developed markets. Now on its 11th year, the Asian Bond Markets Summit is the definitive fixed income event in Asia that draws the largest participation of issuers and institutional investors. Organized in association with the Asian Development Bank, the Asian Bond Markets Summit is a part of Asean Bond Markets Initiative especially in deepening the development of Asia’s bond markets