2018 Sovereign Debt Management Forum: “Is There Life After Debt?”

This forum builds on the considerable developments that took place in public debt management in developing and emerging market countries in recent years, as well as improved access to markets. The event brings together public debt managers as well as members of the international community involved in sovereign debt management capacity building and advisory services, to discuss recent trends and developments, to network with a broad range of peers, and to gain insights to support ongoing efforts to improve policy and practices. The World Bank Treasury hosts the Sovereign Debt Management Forum, every two years as part of its capacity building and outreach program.

This year’s Forum will discuss strategies and policies to manage debt, assets, risk, and funding in the new era. Public debt has increased dramatically in advanced countries, and is growing apace in emerging markets and developing economies. With global growth gathering speed, normalization of monetary policies has begun—and interest rates will rise. At the same time, a widening infrastructure gap is forcing governments to find new ways to turn billions into trillions. All this makes debt management even more critical than before.

Participating to the Forum is possible by invitation.