2nd OECD – Italian Treasury - World Bank Public Debt Management Conference

This conference aims to explore techniques, analyses and proposals to improve the management of public debt, and will bring together debt managers, academics, and a wider set of practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences.

The topics for the conference are:

 Assessing debt sustainability in the post-COVID environment

 - including i) Implications of the use of fiscal and monetary policy mix for debt sustainability assessments; ii) Debt composition and liability operations; and iii) Role of new securities and contract design (e.g. state contingent debt, perpetual bonds and collective action clauses).

 Demand for government securities in the long term

 - including the role of i) Investor base behaviour; ii) Impact-linked instruments; and ii) Credit rating assessments.

 Debt management (re)actions during crisis times

 - such as the introduction of new issuance techniques and instruments, targeting specific investor segments, and the use of cash buffers.

 Proposals addressing these or other topics relevant to public debt management are welcome.


Extended Deadline to submit proposals: November 26, 2021.

 Email your proposal (in the form of an abstract with preliminary findings and a supporting outline, or working paper) and a short curriculum vitae to:



Enquiries about the conference may be directed to:

 Fatos Koc fatos.koc@oecd.org

 Fabio Vittorini fabio.vittorini@mef.gov.it

 Daniela Santacroce daniela.santacroce@mef.gov.it

 Sebastien Boitreaud sboitreaud@worldbank.org

 Lars Jessen ljessen@worldbank.org


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