Call for Papers – 5th SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Research Prize . Current and future topics in sovereign debt markets

The SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Research Prize is open to authors and co-authors who are citizens or residents/students in the EEA, Switzerland, and other countries in which UniCredit is present (in addition to EEA countries, the latter also include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Serbia, Turkey) and born after 30 September 1982. Prizes of EUR 2,500 gross will be awarded to up to two outstanding papers on topics related to this call for papers. The winning papers will be presented at a SUERF/UniCredit & Universities Foundation Workshop to be held at Vienna University of Economics and Business either in December 2017 (or January 2018; date to be confirmed). Subject to agreement by the authors, SUERF and the UniCredit & Universities Foundation, the papers may be published on the organisers’ respective websites