Call for papers: The COVID-shock and the new macroeconomic landscape: taking stock and looking ahead

The conference will bring together researchers and policymakers to discuss innovative research in these areas. Both empirical and theoretical papers are welcome.

A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

 The Covid-shock, global capital flows and the global financial cycle

 Trade and global supply chain disruptions

 The divide between advanced and emerging economies during and after the pandemic

 Large-scale stimulus in advanced economies: effects on global economic conditions

 International comparisons of economic and social policies and monetary/fiscal strategies

 The COVID crisis as a paradigm shifter towards domestic and international risk sharing via fiscal policy

 Coordinated fiscal stimulus (Next Generation EU), risk sharing, solidarity and policy coordination within the EU (core vs. periphery)

 Global inflation dynamics: monetary/fiscal policy, supply chains and the anchoring of inflation expectations

 Macro-policy surveillance and fiscal rules in the (post-)pandemic world

 The fiscal-monetary policy mix in an uneven global recovery with high public debt

 Liquidity support and loan repayment moratoria, and their withdrawal: effects on stabilisation and reallocation

 Scope and quantitative stabilisation gains of different policy options going forward: short-term work schemes, unemployment benefits, transfers, targeted sectoral policies

 Sectoral disruptions, creative destruction and post-COVID stimulus – what impact on economic structures in the medium and longer term?

 “Scarring” effects, business entry and exit during and after the pandemic and the long-term growth potential