Call for papers for Fourth Conference on Financial Stability

We encourage submission of papers that report original work and that do not have a “revise-resubmit”, or “accepted” journal decision. Submissions may be part of a working paper series. The papers should be emailed to the following address: with the following subject line “Submission – Financial stability conference.”

Conference topics relate to environmental risk assessment to the financial system, to macroprudential policy design and implementation, and to the application of network models and stress testing for financial stability. These include (but are not limited to):

- Analysis of complex interactions between epidemiological or climate change related shocks and risks and vulnerabilities in the financial system;

- Network models for systemic risk measurement and monitoring;

- Macroprudential policy design and evaluation, including unintended consequences of regulation in the banking system and regulatory spillovers;

- Stress testing: methodological developments, especially related to the incorporation of climate shocks, to the interaction between solvency and liquidity risk, and to feedback effects with the real economy;

- Interaction between monetary and financial stability policies;

- Early warning systems: detection of a build-up of systemic risk, data gaps, design of vulnerability indicators, interactions between global and domestic financial cycles;

- Systemic liquidity, funding and market risk for banking systems.