Debt Management in a Dynamic World: Coping with Capital Flows and Hidden Risks

The second phase of the Debt Management Facility (DMF) joint with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was launched in April 2014, building on the first successful phase, to provide grant-based technical assistance on debt management to developing countries. The work under the facility aims to strengthen debt management capacity and institutions. Its current activities include: application of the Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) tool; preparation of Medium-Term Debt Management Strategies (MTDS); assistance to develop domestic debt markets, access international capital markets, build capacity to undertake debt sustainability analysis, develop detailed programs of reform in consultation with country authorities and provide technical assistance on overall risk management. It also includes an extensive training program for government officials, including through the Debt Management Practitioners' Program and various other outreach activities. As in previous years, the objective is to provide a forum for discussion of policy-relevant agenda on debt management; to discuss current debt management challenges faced by developing countries; and to foster knowledge exchange among participants.