Debt Sustainability and Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy

The IMF Institute for Capacity Development is proud to announce the online course on Debt Sustainability Analysis (DSAx) for government officials on edX online platform. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the frameworks for debt sustainability analysis and debt management. The course features short video lectures interspersed with interactive exercises and includes a discussion forum to allow participants from all over the world to network, share their country experiences, and discuss the course content. The course has a modular structure and allows earning a signed certificate for the entire course or auditioning one or several modules. The modules are: I. the key concepts of debt sustainability and the role of macroeconomic policies; II. the recent debt sustainability framework for countries with market access; III. the recently updated debt sustainability framework for low-income countries; IV. a medium-term debt management strategy (MTDS) framework; and V. debt sustainability analysis under uncertainty. This course, with an expected total workload of 40-50 hours, is offered as a self-paced course during May 4-July 24, 2015. While the registration is open through July 17, 2015 we strongly advise to register now and benefit from the full 12-week access to the intense course material.