Effective Oversight of Financial Market Infrastructures

Developments in the payments and broader financial market infrastructure community are increasing at an alarming rate. Customers now want to be able to make payments instantly and across different mediums, and the market is rife with companies claiming to be able to provide these solutions. The use of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and the introduction of cryptocurrencies are challenging traditional ways of thinking about payments, and central banks as overseers now need to find the right balance between stability and innovation. Not fostering new developments could see them left behind, but failure to maintain security could result in a loss of consumer confidence. The careful stewardship of financial market infrastructures is therefore more important than ever if institutions are to innovate and develop without exposing consumers, and the financial system as a whole, to risks.


This seminar, "Effective Oversight of Financial Market Infrastructures" is designed to equip delegates with the tools to meet these challenges.