Evaluating financial regulation: (un)intended effects and new risks)

Potential questions of interest could include:

  • How do regulatory reforms and the macro-economic environment impact financial stability risks?
  • How have banks’ strategies and their business models responded to the regulatory reforms considering the unconventional monetary policy measures?
  • What is the joint effect of regulatory reforms and increased competition in the financial industry on credit supply and economic growth?
  • What are the intended and unintended effects of regulatory changes in a low interest rate and slow growth environment?
  • Is the cost of liquidity and capital regulation particularly significant?
  • How can regulatory measures counter the build-up of asset price bubbles?
  • How do bank regulation, supervision and new resolution regimes interact?
  • Are there international spillovers from regulation or resolution regimes that affect the cross-border activities of banks?
  • Are new methods or new data needed for evaluating regulation and regulatory reforms?