Fiscal Policy, Equity, and Long-Term Growth in Developing Countries

The conference will focus on several key themes with presentations by IMF and World Bank staff and discussions led by academics and policymakers: i.Tax Policy and Expenditure Composition for Growth: The session will consider how tax policy constraints can be overcome as well as identify what revenue and expenditure sources are most growth-friendly. ii.Leveraging the Power of Infrastructure Investment: This session will consider how infrastructure investment can close the infrastructure gap and boost growth prospects. iii.Fiscal Institutions for Growth: This session will examine the role of fiscal rules, fiscal responsibility frameworks, and medium-term frameworks for growth. iv.Fiscal Frameworks for Growth in Natural Resource-Rich Countries: Natural resource wealth poses a unique opportunity for developing countries, but can also bring with it macroeconomic, fiscal and governance challenges. This session will address questions of how much to save versus spend, managing volatility and the political economy of natural resource-led development. v.Fiscal Policy for Poverty Reduction, Improved Income Distribution and Human Capital Development: The session will focus on the role fiscal policy can play in reducing income inequality and achieving more equitable social outcomes.