Fixed Income & ESG featuring Green Bonds Europe 2019

Environmental Finance has expanded its annual Green Bonds Europe conference, now in its 9th year, to include a stream dedicated to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns into the broader fixed income market.
Our green bond conferences have been an important forum for debate within the green bond market. The seeds for the Green Bond Principles were sown at our conference in 2013 and we have enjoyed our role in reporting and helping to shape the conversations to drive the market forward.
Last year we expanded our annual Green Bonds Europe conference to include a stream dedicated to ESG concerns into the overall fixed income market because we thought it would also be worth turning our attention to the rest of the fixed income market (as green bonds remain less than 1% of the overall bond market.)
We hope that this enlarged event can play a similar role in helping to advance the adoption of ESG in fixed income.