Free webinar: Big Data and its Impact on Institutional Investors

Big Data keeps getting bigger – in the business media, across governments, amongst professional and industry associations and inside institutional investor operations. It is increasingly emerging as the newest resource for achieving competitive advantage. However the torrential streams of data are proving to be challenging. The solution lies in identifying most meaningful data for each organization’s objectives, then building the most efficient operational model to transform that data into actionable insights and business intelligence. This hour-long session will explore key insights around Data Strategy for Institutional Investors like Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks, Government Agencies, Pension Funds, Insurance companies, Asset Managers and focus on: • Key drivers behind Big Data- regulatory challenges, technology advancement and the need for business differentiation • Emerging trends and challenges for institutional investors • Managing data from an asset servicing and custody point of view • Helping institutional investors achieve an efficient operational model to get ahead of accelerating trends