ICMA Primary Market Forum

The ICMA Primary Market Forum joins together issuers, syndicate banks, law firms and investors to discuss market trends and practices, regulatory developments and the overall outlook for the primary debt capital markets. This event will be held virtually, allowing us to connect fully with our global membership.

This year’s Forum will feature a panel of speakers discussing recent developments in sustainable finance, including the suitability of certain sustainable products as a funding tool for all issuers, the importance of ensuring that regulatory disclosure models accommodate both sell-side and the buy-side needs, the advent of taxonomies and the risk and reputation management issues inherent in the issuance of sustainable products.
A further panel will discuss the recent functioning of primary bond markets globally and a wide range of other topics, including regulatory developments in a post-Brexit and global landscape, technological developments and other matters that are shaping the global market for new bond issues. This will be followed by a session dedicated to FinTech in primary markets.