ICMA Switzerland and Liechtenstein Regional General Meeting

The ICMA Switzerland and Liechtenstein regional committee invites members in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to attend this in-person event in Zurich. This year's regional general meeting will cover ICMA's activities in the region followed by a guest presentation from Maxime Botteron, Swiss Macro Economics & Strategy, Credit Suisse on monetary policy in the “Great Transition” era.

Although output has recovered back to its pre-Covid trend, the global economy emerging from the pandemic has changed. Notably, inflation is higher than it has been in decades. The recent commodity price shock only exacerbates this trend. The global economy is in a ‘great transition’ from the decades of low and stable inflation of the ‘great moderation’ to a period of much greater volatility. The current surge in inflation is a taste of things to come. Mr. Botteron will address the implications for monetary policy and how the Swiss economy will be impacted by this regime shift in his presentation.