ICMA Webinar: introduction to green and social bond markets

Green bonds aligned with the Green Bond Principles (GBP), have become a model for sound, scalable and widely supported practice in sustainable finance. These voluntary guidelines underpin the market by making recommendations for issuer practice on transparency, disclosure and accountability. This in turn helps investors to make informed decisions about the bonds' environmental features. A similar approach has been applied in the more recent Social Bond Principles, where the use of proceeds has social benefits, and Sustainability Bond Guidelines for bonds associated with funding of projects with environmental and social benefits.
The GBP is supported by a global community of close to 300 institutions and is used as a reference for best practice in developed and emerging markets.

During the webinar, Peter Munro, Director, Market Practice and Regulatory Policy, ICMA will provide an overview of how the Green, Social and Sustainability Bond frameworks function, and resources made available to market participants by the GBP Executive Committee with support from ICMA. This will include highlights of market trends and resulting opportunities for financial market participants for originating and supporting transactions attracting capital to benefit environmental and social projects.

There will be opportunities to ask questions, in particular at the end of the webinar.

Among the topics covered:

  • Global green bond market trends;
  • Green bond transparency, disclosure and external review recommendations;
  • Social & Sustainable Bonds;
  • Governance of GBP & SBP – the Principles and official sector supervisory initiatives;
  • Topical work streams of the GBP/SBP ExCom and its working groups;
  • Resources and services available via the ICMA website;
  • Opportunities & Challenges in domestic and international markets.