ICMA Workshop: Bond syndication practices for compliance professionals and other non-bankers

This workshop aimed to give compliance professionals an in-depth and thorough understanding of the current practices that are involved in launching a deal in the international debt capital market. The course explained precisely how the deal is done, starting with first steps in the pre-launch process - looking at the pitch book, the mandate, the roadshow and the prospectus - through syndication, including book building and allocation, up to and including the final public launch of the issue. At each point in the progress of the deal through to launch, the interaction of current regulation with the process, is considered (including the Market Abuse Directive and the Prospectus Directive). The sessions were interactive, giving participants the opportunity to raise and discuss queries from their own experience. An introductory session on the role and characteristics of the international bond market and the expectations of bond investors also featured in the seminar, as well as an explanation of role and scope of the ICMA’s Primary Market Handbook, the internationally recognised guide to best practice in this area. The workshop was delivered by a former capital markets professional with direct experience of deal management, who is also a reviewer for the ICMA Primary Market Handbook.