ICMA Workshop: Introduction to Green Bonds

Green, Social and Sustainability bonds are a means of raising finance for projects with environmental / social benefits. $200bn of Bonds were issued across the three formats in 2018 (source: HSBC). While green bond issuance was the mainstay ($169bn), the main areas of growth were Sustainability Bonds (+87% to $16.8bn) and Social Bonds (+35% to $13.5bn). For green bonds alone, there was issuance in 44 countries by 320 issuers (source: CBI), including no less than 204 new issuers. Bonds aligned with the Green Bond Principles (GBP), Social Bond Principles and Sustainability Bond Guidelines have become a model for sound, scalable and widely supported practice in sustainable finance. These voluntary guidelines underpin the market by making recommendations for transparency and disclosure to issuers, helping investors to make informed decisions about the bonds' environmental features.
The GBP are supported by a global community of close to institutions and are used as a reference for best practice in developed and emerging markets.