ICMA and AFE joint webinar: The end of LIBOR and the transition to risk-free rates

This webinar will focus on the reasons for the cessation of LIBOR across the main international LIBOR jurisdictions, and the need to transition to risk-free rates (RFRs), including the relevant timelines. The main emphasis will be on the bond market, with reference to the loan and derivatives markets.

The differences between the components of LIBOR and the various RFRs will be covered, with an update on progress in the international bond markets in adapting to the new RFRs, including a summary of the conventions typically used to accompany them.

The expected outcome for bonds which are scheduled to continue referencing LIBOR after its anticipated cessation date will be explained by reference to the fallbacks in typical bond documentation. This will include the suitability of available market-led solutions across jurisdictions, such as consent solicitation, and the various proposed legislative interventions which may materialise.