Investment and risk management strategies for “the new normal”

Following the huge success of the National Asset-Liability Management conference in 2010, Central Banking Publications is pleased to host the conference once again this upcoming 24th and 25th in March 2011. 2011 agenda will address: ■Zero interest-rate policy, quantitative easing: Where are we today? What are the tools Central Banks use to ensure liquidity in the market? ■Our world today: Addressing current imbalances and the implications of an “exchange rate war” ■Sovereign debt: What are the weaknesses in the system? How has flight-to-safety affected the sovereign bond market? ■The role of national institutions as countercyclical investors ■The role of foreign reserve in new financial stability framework ■Risk appetite and investment mandates: Are we in an era of new conservatism? ■Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation in public funds