Knowledge Co-Creation Workshop

World Bank Treasury and Japan International Cooperation Agency joined forces once more for a Knowledge Co-Creation Workshop in Japan. The workshop aimed to strengthen governments’ capacities in public debt and risk management as well as meeting their capital expenditure needs in a sustainable manner. The workshop brought 22 senior management officials working in the finance ministries and national treasuries of from 17 countries together, in Tokyo between May 17 to June 3, 2017. During the Workshop JICA and the World Bank Treasury have delivered lectures and case exercises on containing government debt management and various financial risks such as exchange risk, interest rate fluctuation risk, rollover risk, to enable sound and sustainable financing. In addition, the program also covered post-disaster financing effort of major cities under reconstruction, a field which Japan has accumulated much experience and knowledge, from precedence such as earthquakes. For more than 60 years, Japan and the World Bank have enjoyed a fruitful relationship marked by a history of strong collaboration. As the second largest shareholder in the cooperative and a major market for the IBRD bonds that support the Bank’s lending operations, Japan is a significant financial supporter of the World Bank.