Leadership Skills for Finance Managers

In this UNITAR e-Learning course, we will aim to provide participants information and understanding of the key concepts of leadership, its different styles, theories and skills that enables them to become successful and more effective leaders. The course will support and facilitate the development of knowledge, skills and attributes on leadership, enabling the participants to address various challenges that they may encounter as a leader. A successful completion of this course will enable participants to clearly identify the skills that lead to empowerment, to analyse their personal strengths, to realise the importance of having a vision, to set their goals and create an action plan to achieve those goals. While examining the various leadership qualities, the course will also enable the managers to identify and develop the right candidates to fill-in current and future leadership roles. The course is designed especially for finance professionals, but is also open to the general public who want to understand various leadership issues and skills to be a better leader. This course is a good start for participants to acquire skills on management and supervisory roles.