Legal Aspects Of Public Debt Management

WEEK 1: INTRODUCTION TO DEBT MANGEMENT (LEGAL ASPECTS) -- Module I Lesson 1: Legal Aspects of Debt Management and the Role of the Lawyer Lesson 2: Introduction to Main Economic, Fiscal and Legal Issues of Debt Management WEEK 2: THE NATIONAL BORROWING PROCESS -- Module II Lesson 3: Sovereign Borrowing and the Principles of Budgetary Law Lesson 4: The National Borrowing Process WEEK 3: INTERNATIONAL SOURCES OF FUNDS -- MODULE III Lesson 5: International Sources of Funds Lesson 6: International Financial Institutions (The IMF and the World Bank) Lesson 7: Export Credit Practice WEEK 4: LOAN AGREEMENTS -- MODULE IV Lesson 8: Specific Issues Involving Loan Agreements Lesson 9: Syndication in relation to Loan Agreements Lesson 10: The Role of the Lawyer in Financial Transactions WEEK 5: DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND ARBITRATION -- MODULE V Lesson 11: The Place and Relevance of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Lesson 12: UNCTIRAL Arbitration Rules and the Model Law