Monetary and Fiscal Interactions in DSGE Models

This course, presented by the IMF's Monetary and Capital Markets Department, provides an introductory from intermediate to advanced level of training on the effects of various fiscal policy tools in alternative monetary environments.
This course will: (a) go through the derivation of the workhorse closed-economy New Keynesian DSGE model in detail and how it is amended to account for open economy aspects, (b) make participants familiar with key transmission channels of fiscal policy in workhorse, New Keynesian closed and open economy general equilibrium models, (c) make participants understand the important interactions between fiscal and monetary policy in such models.
These models will be used to analyze current challenges for fiscal policy, related to fiscal stimulus and consolidation in open economies with exchange rate pegs and floating exchange rates, and the interactions between fiscal and monetary policy in general and especially in atypical situations like liquidity traps.