National Asset-Liability Management Americas

Central Banking Publications is pleased to announce the dates of its 7th annual National Asset-Liability Management Americas conference which will take place in Mexico City, on 17-18 May, 2018. The US Election had an impact on not only the United States itself, but it's been extended well into the world markets as a whole. If Donald Trump governs in accordance with the campaign that he was elected, we can expect the monetary departments of central banks and managers of official reserves in Latin America intervening actively with the markets to manage volatility. Central Banking Publications invites all official sector investors to attend NALM Americas 2018 where delegates are able to share solutions and good practices to these problems with their peers from across the region. Over two days, NALM Americas will host interactive panels, thought-provoking presentations and invaluable networking opportunities to share insights and experiences on managing foreign exchange and sovereign wealth.