Projecting Public Debt and Fiscal Adjustment Paths Part II (FS)

Building on a first workshop in March 2021 and the new online course "Projecting Public Debt: The Public Debt Dynamics Tool (registration by October 13 here), the overall objective of this follow-up workshop for countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia as well as Mongolia is to analyze how public debt is expected to change over time, perform scenario analyses, and assess fiscal adjustment paths to achieve a user-defined public debt target. During this workshop, participants are expected to apply the knowledge to their own countries, prepare group presentations and debt reports, and compare developments across the region:

Analyze public debt dynamics for their own country (i.e., the evolution of public debt over time) under a baseline and alternative scenarios;

Identify the main drivers of public debt changes;

Conduct stress tests to public debt dynamics, including using fan charts;

Compute and assess fiscal adjustment measures to achieve a user-defined public debt target;

Prepare debt reports, and

Compare countries in the region and discuss debt-related issues.