Public Funds and their Auditing (2018)

The training program offers an outlook on the role and functioning of financial control – in association with the management of public funds and the implementation of fiscal policy. The curriculum gives a comprehensive picture of the connection of public politics and the functioning of public finance, the audit of ensuring resources and of the realization of the expenditures – the financing of the central budget. The four subjects embrace the tasks, general function, the characteristics of the institutional system, the general transparency and accountability criteria and their respective guarantees concerning the financial operation; the tasks of the national and international organizations of financial control, its stabilizing role, the typical institutional models of state control, its institutions, the audit types carried out by them as well as the utilization of the experiences gained. Additionally it explains the role of financial audit in enhancing the security of global and regional cooperation as well as the institutionalized organizational solutions of the above. The work of financial management organizations and their control organs appears to be particularly topical in light of the current global financial and economic crisis.