The 8th Annual Conference of the Principles 28 June 2022

The Annual Conference of the Green, Social, Sustainability and Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles (the “Principles”) will be held in London from 13.30 BST on 28 June, 2022, hosted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The Principles are referenced by 98% of sustainable bond issuers internationally and have become the voluntary global standard of the market.

The Conference agenda will start with a session presented by members of the Executive Committee on the 2022 guidance of the Principles and the ongoing work programme. This will be followed by expert panels on:

the use of sustainability-linked bonds as part of a strategy for innovation and climate transition; the new guidance for sustainable securitisation; the application of the Principles in a wider context, including commercial paper and repo, as well as for high yield and in emerging markets.