The future of the EU economic policy system: Economic requirements and legal conditions

The seminar will take a pragmatic and constructive view at the EU economic policy architecture in light of these challenges. it will assemble a small group of economists and EU lawyers to address the following two questions

  1. How legally stretched is currently the EU? Is the treaty a sound basis for the policies that are being developed (banking union, financial assistance, the OMT, NGEU) or is the EU getting close to danger zone? Can further initiatives in these fields be envisaged within the confines of the current legal framework?

2. What are the legal reforms that would be required for the EU to “complete EMU”? Could the ambitious policy reforms in the fields of banking union, monetary policy, fiscal rules, and common budgetary initiatives that are needed to strengthen the EU economic, financial and monetary policy system be carried out through legislative procedures or would treaty amendments be needed ? Would a more comprehensive overhaul of the legal architecture be required to ensure legal certainty and legitimacy?