Understanding Treasury Management

Understanding treasury including financial instruments and operations is a critical activity for any organisation with transactions in the financial markets. Fully understanding financial instruments and treasury operations and how they operate in a treasury environment is vital. It is highly important that those responsible for these activities have the necessary concepts and expertise to properly manage them. Presented by FTI Treasury, specialist treasury management and consultancy company based in the IFSC, the purpose of this training programme is to provide a detailed understanding of treasury ‘as a whole’ as well as understanding and appreciating financial instruments and operations and how they operate in the workplace. It will also be of interest to those responsible for accounting, regulation, compliance and internal audit wishing to increase their understanding of the technical nature of treasury operations they are reviewing. If you would like attend, or send any of your staff to this course we would be very pleased to welcome you. If you have any queries, please contact Karina Flynn on kflynn@ftitreasury.com. Alternatively you can contact by telephone +3531 636000.