Understanding, assessing and managing Fiscal Risks

This course, presented by the IMF´s Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD), forms part of FAD’s Fiscal Risk Work Program. It provides an overview of the key sources of fiscal risks and discusses the institutions that help governments better understand, monitor and manage them. It provides an overview of FAD’s Fiscal Risk Toolkit, which comprises a range of practical Excel-based tools to assist countries in analyzing and quantifying their fiscal risk exposures, such as the SOE Health Check Tool, PPP-Fiscal Risk Assessment Model (P-FRAM), the Fiscal Stress Test, Public Loan and Guarantee Monitoring Tool and Balance Sheet Assessment framework. The course provides a general overview of the toolkit as well as an introduction in the application of some of the newest tools in the toolkit and discusses standards for reporting and disclosing fiscal risks. It will also discuss the implications of fiscal risks for the design and calibration of fiscal rules to help ensure governments are better prepared, and have flexibility to accommodate fiscal risks, if they were to materialize.