WAIFEM/COMSEC training on Debt Recording, Reporting, Monitoring with Meridian


  • Meridian is a comprehensive solution that promotes effective and pro-active public debt management, it offers the following functions and features
  • Public and publicly guaranteed debt, lending portfolios as well as private sector external debt can be recorded, managed and analyzed
  • Customizable deployment of the solution in Centralized, De-Centralized and Hybrid environments defined by member countries’ IT and institutional infrastructure
  • Configurable around the delivery to key stakeholders i.e. Ministry of Finance, Debt Management Office, Central Bank, various Funding Agencies and Project Implementing Agencies thus streamlining the information flow between the various entities
  • Provides the ability to model any workflow arrangement/institutional structure for debt management
  • Provides flexibility in adding and maintaining a wide range of financing products including any future financing products through the use of instrument templates;
  • Organized around a central repository of data from which key stakeholders can access information. This ensures that real time data is always available even to remote offices
  • Driven by alerts and notifications, integrated with mail exchange systems to support the business workflow process
  • Fosters accountability and transparency through data driven workflow and
  • Integrates with External systems to provide straight through processing and accurate data to stakeholders.