Workshop on Risk Management and Oversight of Payments and Market Infrastructures

Current challenges for oversight of payments and financial market infrastructures (FMI) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Origins and prospects of the oversight of payments and FMI. The Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures (PFMI): current state of implementation and the way ahead for non-CPMI countries. Retail payments’ disruption: e-money, cards and digital currencies. Challenges for oversight of retail payments in the digital era. FMI associated risks: resilience (operational and general business risks), recovery and resolution. Recent developments in securities market infrastructures. Recent developments on the oversight function for selected Latin American and Caribbean countries. Cooperation and dialogue concerning the oversight of payments and FMI. Changes in the payments industry and red flags for oversight. Cross border payments: correspondent banking, de-risking and financial crime. Applicability of PFMI to non-systemically important payment systems. Financial inclusion: new players, schemes and business models. Financial inclusion challenges for oversight.