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81. Strengthening public debt transparency: the role of the IMF and the World Bank - G20 note

on Strengthening Public Debt Transparency Accounting, statistics, Reporting and Auditing IMF, World Bank and G20 Transparency Debt sustainability Accurate and comprehensive debt data are a corner stone in sound borrowing and lending practices. Policy makers

82. Webinar on Blockchain Bond

Transparency Webinar on Blockchain Bond - presentation Webinar on Blockchain Bond World Bank Trading platforms World Bank Accounting, statistics, Reporting and Auditing Webinar on Blockchain Bond - video recording of the session Primary market Bond


Sovereign Credit Ratings International and Macroprudential Regulations 5 TRANSPARENCY Accounting, statistics, Reporting and Auditing Transparency The comprehensiveness, reliability and relevance of reporting on the financial position of the public

84. Deficit-debt adjustment (DDA) analysis: an analytical tool to assess the consistency of government finance statistics

and fiscal/monetary policies European Central Bank Linda Kezbere, Henri Maurer Accounting, statistics, Reporting and Auditing

87. Debt Restructuring

Debt relief Debt sustainability 5 Debt Restructuring Contract standards Sovereign defaults Debt Restructuring International and Macroprudential Regulations Sovereign debt litigation Experience with recent sovereign external debt restructuring

90. Riding the Wave: Navigating the ESG Landscape for Sovereign Debt Managers

Sovereign Debt Managers Meet Investor Expectations for ESG Information Contract standards UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 - The Future is Now: Science for Achieving Sustainable Development Primary market World Bank World Bank Transparency