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The Public Debt Management Network

The mission of the OECD-Italian Treasury–World Bank Network for Public Debt Management in Emerging Markets (PDM Network) is to enhance dialogue among debt managers and experts of advanced and emerging countries on public debt management policies and techniques and on government securities markets.


The PDM Network has worked since 2004 in cooperation with the OECD Working Party on Debt Management (WPDM). It supports the WPDM outreach activities, spreading selected WPDM documents also to non-OECD members and contributes to the OECD Global Forum on Public Debt Management.


Recently, the Bank has expressed the willingness to join the PDM Network and the Italian Treasury and the OECD have confirmed their interest to collaborate with the Bank within the PDM Network.
Through this website, the PDM Network offers on-line free and protected access to a large number of documents, news and events for public debt managers and researchers.

Monthly Newsletter

The PDM Network's Monthly Newsletter contains the most important news, documents and events uploaded in the website. At the beginning of each month, it is sent by the Network Secretariat to all Partners.

Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter "Emerging Sovereign Debt Markets NEWS" is drafted by the PDM Network Secretariat and contains news focused on selected emerging sovereign bond markets. Reported news includes especially debt management policies and data, selected and highlighted by the Secretariat from Thomson Reuters database on bonds and debt.

OECD Public Debt Management Corner

In addition to the PDM Network for Emerging Markets (in partnership with the Italian Treasury Department),the OECD is engaged in several activities on public debt management, carried out through its Bond Market and Public Debt Management Unit.

Study Visits and Meetings

Bilateral meetings and study visits, on demand of the interested country, are one of the qualified activities of the PDM Network.

Academic Circle

The Academic Circle seeks to bring together the best researchers in the field of public debt management and government securities markets.

The PDM Network is pleased if Academics become members of its Academic Circle.

Learning Area

The Learning Area collects online information and training provided by the most important international or multilateral organizations as well as by public and private research centers and financial institutions, focused on all aspects of public debt management and especially addressed to debt managers.

The courses listed cover also a wide range of related topics concerning public finance and macroeconomic issues connected to debt management and financial sector development.


The International Retail Debt Management Conferences deal with retail instruments and programs carried out by sovereign debt managers, with the aim to establish or review existing programs and to discuss current issues and trends such as product development, market research and use of new technology.

Call for Papers Area

The Call for Papers Area aims to assist researchers at all levels (scientists, professors, post-docs and students) who are seeking publishing opportunities for their research papers.

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Events documentations

This area contains a list of selected past events where Members could download documents and presentations focused on the issues discussed during the meetings.
If you have some events to communicate to the Network, feel free to contact the Network Secretariat.

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