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Institutional Arrangements for Debt Management

Experience suggests that there is a range of institutional alternatives for locating the sovereign debt management functions across one or more agencies, including one or more of the following: the ministry of finance, central bank, autonomous debt management agency, and central depository. Regardless of which approach is chosen, the key requirement is to ensure that the organisational framework surrounding debt management is clearly specified, there is coordination and sharing of information, and that the mandates of the respective players (the legal framework) are clear. Taking into account this range of actors, there are different options for establishing a specialized debt management unit. Finally, we present procedures and rules which help to fulfil an adequate level of transparency and accountability.

The following are documents published up to and including the year 2003. From 2004 to 2010 all documents can be found only in the archive available in the website�s Reserved area. Instead, since January 2011, all documents will be found in both areas of the website. Access to the Reserved area is free, but limited to Partners only. Please find more information at the Join us section.


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