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The Italian Treasury

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy is the executive body responsible for economic, financial and budget policy, planning of public investment, coordinating public expenditure and verifying its trends, revenue policies and tax system. It operates the State’s public land and heritage, land register and customs; it plans, coordinates and verifies operations to foster economic, local and sectoral development, and is responsible for setting out cohesion policies. The Ministry performs a supervisory role over entities and activities as well as performing such functions concerning its relations with supervisory and regulatory authorities.

The Italian Treasury, headed by the Director General of the Treasury, is part of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy. It provides technical support in the formulation of Government’s economic and financial policy choices, at both national and international level; it drafts key economic planning documents; it is responsible for State’s financial interventions and managing the State’s assets. Moreover, it fulfills supervisory and regulatory functions over the banking and financial systems as well as operating for the prevention of financial offences on means of payment. Through the Public Debt Directorate, it is in charge of all government bond issuances and liability management.