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The World Bank

The World Bank is an international development institution established by Articles of Agreement adopted by its member countries. The Bank’s mission is to reduce poverty, improve living conditions, and promote sustainability and comprehensive development in the developing world. It achieves these objectives by providing loans, concessional financing, technical assistance and knowledge-sharing services to its member countries and through partnerships with other organizations.


Further to its mission, the Bank is interested in collaborating with others to foster research and analysis, exchange knowledge and provide training related to public debt management and strengthening domestic government debt markets in both developed and developing countries. The Bank provides support to governments through customized advisory engagements, original research on sound practice and new developments in the field of public debt management, and a comprehensive conference and training program which brings together practitioners and topical experts for hands-on learning and networking. Bank units involved in this area are the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management (MFM), the Financial Advisory and Banking department (FAB) and the joint World Bank-International Finance Corporation (IFC) Capital Markets & Non-Bank Financial Institutions Practice (FCM).