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A Comprehensive Analysis of Recent Flood Disaster & Their Economic Impact on Pakistan Economy & Its Causes

In the current situation, Pakistan is not only suffering from a political crisis but also from a severe economic crisis. At present, Pakistan cannot bear the burden of any kind of minor crisis, whether it is social, political, economic any other type of crisis. At present, the external debt of Pakistan is $110b Billion & internal debt in Pakistan also touching the sky The public debt of Pakistan is around 54 Trillion PKR ($248.7Billion) which is 80.2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. At present Pakistan is taking a package of $1 Billion from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), At the same time, floods start in the northern province of Pakistan KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) area in Pakistan & causing irreparable damage to this province as well also spreading destruction through south Punjab Province & its adjacent area & also spread destruction in Provinces Sindh & Balochistan. According to a conservative estimate, the flood caused an economic loss of $30 billion in Pakistan's quarter of the country's external debt.