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Debt Management Monitor 2022: DMF Country Profiles - Debt Management Technical Assistance

During 2021, the public debt outlook for developing countries and emerging markets continued to worsen due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The crisis drove up fiscal pressures and elevated financing needs, while weakening countries’ capacity to service and repay public debt. This edition of the Debt Management Monitor (DMM) is designed to inform stakeholders and partners of public debt trends and vulnerabilities in DMF-eligible countries and to track their recent progress in improving debt management. For each country, the DMM covers recent macro-fiscal developments, the evolution of the debt stock and debt financing, debt management performance, debt-management TA received under the DMF, relevant reform actions undertaken by the authorities, the government’s publicly disclosed debt- portfolio risk profile, and debt issuances in domestic and international markets. The DMM is intended to contribute to the monitoring and evaluation framework of the DMF program and to promote debt transparency in DMF countries.