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What is the Public Debt Management Network?

The Public Debt Management (PDM) Network is an initiative promoted by the Italian Treasury, the OECD and the World Bank, aimed at building, sharing and developing knowledge on public debt management.

The PDM Network encourages and facilitates the diffusion of relevant and diversified information on matters related to debt management among all those who are interested in public debt management under different capacities, all over the world.

The responsibility for the day-to-day PDM Network management is of the Secretariat. The Italian Public Debt Directorate acts as the PDM Network Secretariat.


What services does the PDM Network offer?

Anyone and everyone interested in sovereign debt management are invited to visit the PDM Network website and subscribe to our newsletters. The PDM Network website offers a wide-range and up-to-date approach to public debt management analysis, policies and techniques.  Most of the documentation uploaded in the website is publicly accessible on the Internet. However, the PDM Network website provides an  organized framework and archive, which allows for an easier and more efficient approach to public debt management topics. 

The What's new on the website section of the PDM Network site proposes a daily selection of Network News on public debt management from online newspapers and info providers.

The bimonthly PDM Network Newsletter lists all papers, reports, courses and other events concerning public debt management lastly uploaded by the PDM Network Secretariat in the site.

Subscribers also receive weekly Emerging Sovereign Debt Markets News selected by the PDM Secretariat from the Thomson Reuters © information services.


How can I stay informed about the PDM Network updates?

Go to the Subscribe button and submit just some information to the Network Secretariat, or send an email to  Your request will be promptly processed and you will be added to our mailing list.