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Public Debt: the Brazilian Experience

The Brazilian National Treasury, in partnership with the World Bank Group, launched on August 17th, the book: “Public Debt: The Brazilian Experience”. The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the Brazilian public debt management experience, in a single document, that involves since Brazilian debt earliest registers until the management of the public debt nowadays.

The publication may be of special interest to academics, investors, financial analysts, credit-rating agencies, and journalists. It was written by professionals with first-hand experience on debt management, mainly National Treasury staff, and authors from the World Bank, other Brazilian Federal government institutions and the academy.

It is important to hail the book’s value for Brazilian society, due to the intention of demystifying the topic, increase transparency and by the fact that the subject has been dealt with strict parameters and technical criteria. At the same time, it highlights an important step reached by the Ministry of Finance, and more specifically, by the National Treasury, considering the institutional framework remodeled focused on the best international practices. The book also points toward forthcoming challenges, including those related to the consolidation of a few institutional steps, the development of secondary market and the increase and diversification of the investors’ base. These challenges, when overcome, will ensure the path of continued improvement of debt management paving the way to further reductions in the cost and risk of the public debt, and contributing to sustainable growth of the Brazilian economy.

Finally, the National Treasury hopes the lessons learned and described on this book will help guiding other countries in the attempt to build solid practices on public debt management and the development of a securities market, generating positive externalities for far beyond the Brazilian society.