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PDM Webinar Series (forthcoming) – Survey findings


The new PDM Webinar Series initiative, in line with the informative and inclusive spirit of the PDM Network, intends to serve as a periodical forum for presenting and discussing traditional or innovative, policy-relevant research/documents/issues on all aspects of sovereign debt management.

The PDM Webinar Series will convene policymakers, DMOs, experts, researchers, market supervisors and regulators, and practitioners from diverse academic, policy, and market spheres.

A Survey about the organization  and main features of the PDM Webinar Series was shared with PDM Network subscribers and published on PDM Network social channels (Linkedin and Twitter) from March 14 to April 30, 2023.


Here below, few key findings from the PDM Webinars Survey, for more info click here.


  • Survey’s respondents were 86, potentially sophisticated people able to provide reliable and accurate information about their preferences on the PDM Network webinars’ structure.
  • Total answers: 3.440 (40 answers/respondent on average).
  • Preferred topics. Respondents have been provided with a satisfaction scale from “very interested” to “slightly interested” to “not interested” among the listed topics. Respondents’ “Very Interested” preferences accounted for 47% of answers, “Slightly Interested” (30%), “Not Interested” (16%), and “Blank fields” (8%). Beyond the listed topics, respondents provided 23 additional topics.
  • Webinars’ speakers. Respondents’ stronger preferences: DMO’s (24.34%), International Organizations (20.35%), Academia (19.47%). Respondents’ customized preferences accounted for 8%.
  • Webinars length. Preferences oriented toward “Around an hour” – “One hour” lags (66%).
  • Webinar format. Respondents’ main preferences: Panel discussion with a moderator (32.08%), Expert lecture (24.06%), Short presentation based on pre-circulated paper (23.06%), Roundtable Discussion (15.09%).
  • Interaction with participants. Respondents strongly prefer Event open for discussion (68%), rather than Pre-packed event (18%).


The PDM Network Secretariat is really grateful to all respondents of the Survey for their kind collaboration!