Assessing and Managing Debt-related Fiscal Risks: A Focus on Government Guarantees

Governments need to identify fiscal risks, analyze and monitor them, and where appropriate take steps to mitigate them. Sound management and monitoring of risks helps reduce countries’ vulnerability to macroeconomic, fiscal and financial shocks. Furthermore, disclosing fiscal risks is an essential element of fiscal transparency. This five-day workshop?aims to help government risk managers in identifying and classifying the key types of debt-related Contingent Liabilities (CLs) countries are exposed to and the key characteristics of a government’s exposure to these fiscal risks. In addition to providing participants with a framework for CL risk management, the training will primarily focus on assessing and managing credit risk from the debt of public sector entities, with an implementation on government guarantees and on-lending.?The workshop?is structured to induce a high level of interaction among participants with group work and hands-on exercises that will challenge participants to analyze issues, discuss alternative viewpoints, and take and communicate decisions.