Call for Papers IARIW-Bank of Italy Conference on “Central Banks, Financial Markets and Inequality”

Specific topics for which the program committee

is interested in receiving proposals include:

1) Channels through which monetary policy can affect the distribution of income and wealth, and

its differential impact by gender, age, race, etc.

2) The impact on inequality: conventional vs. non-conventional monetary policy instruments

3) How income and wealth inequalities affect the transmission of monetary policy

4) Monetary policy and the functional distribution of income

5) Financial inclusion, financial literacy and inequality

6) Indebtedness and financial fragility of households

7) Distributional financial and national accounts

8) Household wealth microdata: developments, administrative vs. survey data, statistical

adjustments, asset and debt coverage to improve distributional analysis

Persons interested in presenting a paper at the conference are invited to submit a proposal

(maximum 1,000 words)