Call for papers: Harnessing Finance for Climate

They solicit paper submissions on related topics, such as (but not limited to):


  • How can the financial system be harnessed as a tool in addressing climate change?
  • How do policy options such as taxes, capital requirements, and subsidies factor into the mobilization of climate-aligned investment and compare in their impact?
  • Are there innovations in financial tools or structures that facilitate climate-aligned investment?
  • Which holders of capital can best take advantage of climate investment opportunities?
  • What reporting, certification, and evaluation systems are required for effective climate finance, and for measuring performance on net zero or other commitments?
  • What is the political economy of climate finance?
  • What hinders or predicts financial institutions mobilizing investment for net zero projects, either with their existing operating companies or with new projects?
  • What is the role of and appropriate use of new markets for carbon credits or other such climate platforms?